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New : The proceedings of the conference CCT11 will be published by World Scientific.
The deadline for the contributions is Dec 15, 2011, with an expected publication of the book in the spring of 2012.
If you wish to contribute, please send us as soon as possible a tentative title and list of authors. More details can be found here

Scope of the conference

The main goal of the CCT11 conference is to discuss shared phenomena in nonlinear dynamics related to chaos, transport and complexity. A strong emphasis will be put on the interdisciplinary character of the conference. In the spirit of its interdisciplinary character, CCT11 will contain theoretical, numerical and experimental contributions (as lectures, oral communications and posters). The committees will encourage the interactions between experimentalists and theoreticians in the same fields but also cross-disciplinary contributions.

The organization of the meeting will consist of invited lectures given by renowned experts in these fields. These invited speakers will give review talks intended to be accessible to a non-specialized audience. Participants will have the opportunity to present their research work as oral communications and/or posters. The attention will be put on cutting-edge research in the selection process of these contributions, as well as a balance between theory, numerics and experiment.

CCT11 is the second event in the CCT series and follows CCT07.

Key words

Chaos, transport, complex system, self-organization, Hamiltonian systems, mixing, quantum chaos, control, fluid mechanics, plasma physics, nonlinear optics.


The program is available here.

Review Talks

R. Livi (Univ. Florence, Italy)
D. Escande (PIIM, CNRS, France)
J. E. Wesfreid (ESPCI, France)
H. Kellay (CPMOH, France)
L. Bunimovich (Georgia Tech, USA)
L. S. Young (CIMS, NYU, USA)
S. Fauve (ENS Paris, France)
H. Willaime (ESPCI, France)

Focus Talks

V. Afraimovich (Univ. San Luis Potosi, Mexico)
R. Artuso (University of Insubria, Italy)
D. Benisti (CEA, France)
S. Boatto (UF Rio De Janeiro, Brazil)
M. Farge (LMD, CNRS, France)
D. Fanelli (Univ. Florence, Italy)
C. Furtlehner (INRIA, France)
C. Josserand (IJLRDA, CNRS, France)
R. Klages (Queen Mary College, United Kingdom)
A. Pocheau (IRPHE, Université de Provence, France)
Y. Sarazin (CEA, France)
T. Solomon (Bucknell College, USA)
A. Vasiliev (Space Research Institute, Russia)
R. Vilela Mendes (ICC, Portugal)
C. Misbah (LSP, France)
GDR Phenix