Monday May 23,2011
08:00-08:50 Registration
08:50-09:00 Opening
09:00-09:45 E. Wesfreid, Review Talk Vortex shedding behind spheres and disks
09:45-10:15T. Solomon, Focus TalkFront propagation manifolds in advection-reaction-diffusion processes
10:15-10:40 Coffee break
10:40-11:10C. Furtlehner, Focus TalkPropagation of information on undirected dependency graphs and related inverse problem for road traffic inference
11:10-11:30D. Guery-OdelinExploring chaotic potentials with a quantum probe
11:30-11:50P. MeunierControl of vortex breakdown by density effects
11:50-12:10M-C. NéelFractional Feynman-Kac equation for convection-dispersion with sorption
12:10-15:30 Welcome lunch and free time
15:30-16:15R. Livi, Review TalkNegative temperature equilibrium States in the Discrete Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation
16:15-16:45C. Misbah, Focus TalkDynamics of a model of red blood cell and implication to rheology
16:45-17:15M. Farge, Focus TalkWavelets to study turbulence in confined fluid and plasma flows
17:15-17:40 Coffee break
17:40-18:00S. PrantsCross-jet chaotic transport
18:00-18:20A. LuoEdge Dynamics and Switching Complexity in Discontinuous Dynamical Systems
18:20-18:40A. ArtemeyevSurfatron acceleration of ions by electromagnetic wave
19:00-20:30Welcome cocktail
Tuesday May 24,2011
09:00-09:45S. Fauve, Review TalkHydrodynamic instabilities on a turbulent background
09:45-10:15D. Fanelli, Focus TalkStochastic patterns formation and diffusion
10:15-10:45 Coffee break
10:45-11:15C. Josserand, Focus TalkTransport properties in a model of supersolid
11:15-11:35S. ZhdanovSpontaneous disordering of plasma crystals
11:35-11:55L. Y. ChewQuantum-Classical Correspondence through Entanglement Dynamics
11:55-12:15T. GilbertA two-stage approach to relaxation in locally confined hard sphere systems
12:15-15:30Lunch and free time
15:30-16:15L. Bunimovich, Review TalkFinite time dynamics
16:15-16:45R. Klages, Focus TalkWeak chaos, infinite ergodic theory, and anomalous diffusion
16:45-17:15A. Vasiliev, Focus TalkDirected transport in a spatially periodic potential under periodic non-biased forcing
17:15-17:40 Coffee break
17:40-18:00G. CiraoloA stochastic model for the dynamics of transportbarriers crossing by turbulent bursts
18:00-18:20D. MakarovLevel spacing statistics in a randomly-inhomogeneous acoustic waveguide
18:20-18:40T. Cartier-MichaudChaos in plasma turbulent transport
18:40-19:00N. RojasInertial lubrication theory
Wednesday May 25,2011
09:00-09:45L. S. Young, Review TalkNonequilibrium steady states of certain dynamical models
09:45-10:15R. Artuso, Focus TalkDynamical features of weakly chaotic and non-chaotic systems
10:15-10:40 Coffee break
10:40-11:10V. Afraimovich, Focus TalkSequential dynamics in dynamical networks
11:10-11:30B. FernandezMicroscopic vs macroscopic clusters in populations of coupled genetic oscillators
11:30-11:50K. LinCoupling control variates: a Monte Carlo variance reduction technique for nonequilibrium systems
11:50-12:10C. AlmarchaThe effect of chemical reactions on buoyancy driven instabilities
12:10-15:00Lunch and free time
17:00-17:30Coffe break
Thursday May 26,2011
09:00-09:45D. Escande, Review TalkDescribing plasma dynamics with finite dimensional Hamiltonian systems
09:45-10:15S. Boatto, Focus TalkEpidemics modelings: some new challenges
10:15-10:45 Coffee break
10:45-11:15A. Pocheau, Focus TalkStress defocusing in elastic sheets by anisotropic compaction
11:15-11:35L. SigurdsonEmergence of 3-D Vortex Large-Scale Structures in Turbulence
11:35-11:55E. FilipidiCritical phenomena in periodically-sheared suspensions
11:55-12:15M. MikikianOccurrence of Mixed-Mode Oscillations in a Dusty Plasma
12:15-15:30Lunch and free time
15:30-16:15H. Kellay, Review TalkSome experiments with soap films and soap bubbles
16:15-16:45D. Benisti, Focus TalkNonlinear propagation of a driven electron plasma wave and self-organization of stimulated Raman scattering
16:45-17:15Y. Sarazin, Focus TalkChallenges and Recent Advances in Heat Transport Modelling for ITER
17:15-17:40 Coffee break
17:40-18:00J. AbiteboulMomentum conservation in gyrokinetic simulations of tokamak plasmas
18:00-18:20E. BareselModelling the dynamics of micro-swimmers
18:20-18:40L. DucheminInfluence of the surrounding gas in the dynamics of drop impact on a smooth surface
18:40-19:00C. PoignardCreating chaos from a family of vector fields on Rn admitting a Hopf bifurcation
Friday May 27,2011
09:00-09:45H. Willaime, Review TalkDrops, multiemulsions and colloids generated with micro-and nano-fluidic Technologies
09:45-10:15R. Vilela Mendes, Focus TalkStochastic solutions of nonlinear pde's: McKean versus superprocesses
10:15-10:40 Coffee break
10:40-11:00M. SanjuanPartial Control of Chaotic Transients and Escape Times
11:00-11:20H. BufferandOne-dimensional particle models for heat transfer analysis
11:20-11:40P. BeltramePinning and stick-slip motion of thin liquid layers on heterogeneous substrates
11:40-12:00I. SibgatullinQuasi-periodic and intermittent stochastic motions in penetrative convection
12:00-12:20E. SiminosA spectral method for the stability of nonlinear Vlasov-Poisson equilibria
12:20-14:00Farewell Lunch
14:00-15:30Scientific discussions and round up
15:30-16:30 Coffee break and Conference closure